Jennifer’s Spunky Wedding On The Water

“Lannette was amazing!! My dress was needed in a crunch, and she came through and worked day and night to get my dream dress to me. She created the dress from a picture I found online, and it was everything I dreamed of. She is absolutely phenomenal, and I would recommend her to everyone I meet.” ~ Jennifer Dixon

To start off, I wanted to share a couple of details that turned out really nice, that you don’t get to see in the wedding pictures. Jenn5aDSCN2023

Now for the good stuff!


These beautiful pictures of Jenn and Joe’s day were taken by Lexi Lowell Photography. See for more of her work.

Where Are You Located?


This isn’t the view from my kitchen window, but it is the view just outside of town. It is pretty much the same view to the North, South, East and West. The closest city/town is 2 hours away. It’s 2 hours from Phoenix, AZ, 2 hours from Yuma, AZ, 2 hours to Lake Havasu, AZ, and 2 hours from Palm Springs, CA. Yes, I live in the middle of nowhere! We are still considered part of Southern California, but this is definitely not Orange County. On the up side, we have sand, lots of sand! We also get gorgeous sunsets and the most beautiful night skies you’ve ever seen. We have the Colorado River, just minutes away, and a perfect way to cool down in the summer time.

It’s a tiny town on the California/Arizona border called Blythe. When I say tiny, I mean we have one grocery store, a K-mart and a handful of Mom ‘N’ Pop type shops. For any kind of major shopping you have to pick a direction and drive for 2 hours. Or, you get on the internet and hope for free shipping!

The challenge of living in such a remote location is what got me started in designing and sewing. If  I wanted a new outfit, I had to wait til the next shopping trip or make it myself. As difficult as it has been for me to buy clothes off the rack that fit right, sewing was always the better option. My unique fashions attracted others with either hard to fit figures or those in need of a special occasion outfit. With a limited customer base to make a living with, I chose to start an online business. My little shop is on, but I work out of my home.

My first bride from out-of-town was a good friend of mine. Fittings were obviously going to be a problem so, we made a duct tape dress form of her. I was concerned that the form would shift or lose shape like others had experienced so, I took detailed measurements as well. As I worked, I found that the measurements were all I really needed. Every time I needed to check the fit, it was spot on. The dress fit really well on her first real fitting. There were some areas for improvement, and they helped me perfect my process. Now I am able to make dresses for brides around the world without ever having met them. Their dresses fit perfect right out of the box. On occasion, I have had different ones tell me that they wanted a shoulder strap tighter or some other small adjustment for personal taste.

So while it may not be feasible for us to meet in person, I am confident I can make you a dress you’ll love. Or you can come and see me, it’s a lovely drive with a great view (see the above picture for example).

Barbara’s Airy Dress

“I was having trouble finding a wedding dress that was exactly what I wanted. I found Lannette on Pinterest and contacted her about a custom dress. I sent her a few pictures, and within days I received a sketch that incorporated every detail I wanted. She stayed in touch with me during the entire process, and she is the most professional person I have ever worked with. I received so many compliments on my dress, and people couldn’t believe that it was made for me based on nothing more than measurements. I would definitely use Lannette again if I need a special occasion dress.” ~ Barbara

Barbara1 Barbara2 Barbara3 Barbara4 Barbara5

Aimme’s Lace Bolero

“Absolutely AMAZING!! Lannette’s work is precise, detail oriented, and beautiful. She worked with me to create a custom design and she made sure I loved the way it looked every step of the way. You won’t find a better designer and seamstress anywhere. Her prices are more than fair and her work is impeccable. I wish I would have found her sooner so she could have made my whole dress!” ~ Aimme










Danielle & Dale

Congratulations, Danielle and Dale!!!!
Their wedding is so gorgeous I’ll just shut up and let you enjoy the pictures.


Yes, I had to throw in the classic muscle cars, I’m a HUGE fan! Especially, the SS.

“Design by Lannette was everything I was looking for and more. I was so stressed and let down by the lack of affordable wedding gowns out there (and I didn’t even like any of them) that finding Design by Lannette on Etsy was a godsend. I was always finding dresses where I only liked the bottom or the top of it and not the whole dress. Then one day whilst scrolling on Etsy I saw it. The perfect back of the dress I’ve been dreaming of. I checked the price, oh my god this could become reality. I started a conversation with Lannette that soon become over 50 messages long over the course of our relationship. There were a few things I wanted to change from the photos available to look at but I didn’t quite know how to word them. Not a problem for Lannette – Attach pictures to give me the general idea and I will work from that Lannette said. A few touch ups here and there then the design sketch was sent through. It was perfect and I was getting nervously excited. Measuring was the next nervous step. Thanks to very detailed instructions from Lannette’s website I had my fiancée measure me 4 times to make sure we got the same number over and over again! I received my dress and all the nervous waiting was for nothing. It fit like an absolute glove, the material fell perfectly and never had my butt looked so good! I can not recommend Design by Lannette enough. The materials are top quality, you can tell from the feel and the look of them, they do not look cheap. It is a beautiful feeling wearing something that has been made for you. Just you, your body shape and your personality. Unbelievable. I also had a matching hairpiece made on a comb that was exquisitely beaded to match my gown and was the perfect compromise between mine not wanting to wear a veil and my mother’s insistence that I do. I could not have asked for more and I thank Lannette from the bottom of my heart and from across the ocean!” ~ Danielle (Australia)

A huge THANK YOU to Danielle Thomas Photography!

The Delightful Danielle

Almost as soon as I had made my Ava design available, Danielle contacted me and just had to have it. She did want to lose the cowl neckline and go for more of a sweetheart. Which was not a problem, all that fabric across the front is not for everyone. So, I went back to the drawing board and presented this…. Danielle02

It was just the dreamy and romantic look that she’d been wanting, and as a plus the ladies of the family were now on board too. Just one hitch…..the venue had changed from garden to more of a ballroom….and we had to lose the flowers. The train also needed some adjustments. She wanted it to be shorter, and rounder. First things first, the flowers. I suggested that we up the sparkle by adding more rhinestone w12ork in place of the flowers.


For the train, I felt that a shape more like this, would fit what Danielle was looking for and keep with the feel of the rest of the dress.


With all the changes we’d now made, it wasn’t really the same gown, so it needed a new name.


Slinky, slightly sultry, and full of pizzazz…..sounds like Veronica Lake.


As we worked, Danielle mentioned that she’d really like something to wear other than a veil, and that the lace pieces going on the dress would work, they just needed a little something extra. I went ahead and beaded a couple of extra pieces and added some Chantilly lace to finish them off.

I’ll let you enjoy her wedding pictures now…..


Okay….tomorrow. There’s just too many gorgeous shots to choose from!

Cutest Little Flower Girls


I love making flower girl dresses. I love the look on their faces when they realize that they get to wear the fluffy, pretty dress. So when Suzanne asked me to make four, from my favorite era, I was beside myself.

They are made of Point de’ Sprite lace with FULL petticoats and big grosgrain ribbon bows. LOVE!!!!

Marie1 Marie2

I enjoyed making this design so much that I now carry it in my shop.

Corey’s Slinky Number

As you may have noticed by now, I love vintage fashions. Can’t get enough of them. It was time to design a gown in the style of the 1930’s. Hollywood at it’s most glamorous. I came up with this….


I named it Ava. After the beautiful Ava Gardener.

Now I have had one person say that the tiny flowers ruin it, that it’s childish. I prefer whimsical, like Claire Pettibone’s work. Still….because it’s not for everyone, I did redesign it with more beading and crystals, and no flowers. With the redesign, it was given a new name…..Veronica, after Veronica Lake, but I’ll post that in a while.

Corey fell in love with the design right away and asked that I build one for her. My reply…..”With pleasure!”

Rich crepe back satin, slides on a bias cut over every curve. Hand dyed lace is richly beaded with Swarovski crystals and hand sculpted flowers.





She wanted a veil that went with it, so I worked one up for her.



veil comb

“Working with Design by Lannette has been a dream come true in creating my wedding gown. I now have my one in a life time memories in a one in a lifetime gown. My wedding day was flooded by compliments on an amazing gown by friends, family and photographer. My guests were astounded by how my gown was so beautifully and artfully crafted. My gown is timeless, and thanks to Lannette for her hard work and skillfull design, I have a gown that will be revered forever.” ~ Corey

Meanwhile, this dress is available in my shop.

Thank you to Pete Erickson Photography for the lovely wedding pictures!

A Steampunk Soiree

When Luisa said she was having a Steampunk wedding, my head filled with daydreams of steam driven gadgets, curvy corsets and lofty airships. Right away I started a new board on Pinterest of Steampunk goodies and wedding ideas to get the juices flowing.

Luisa knew exactly what she wanted, right from the beginning. Most of my brides are happy leaving the hours of slogging through the internet, looking for that perfect fabric, totally up to me. Nope, Luisa put as much time into the process as I did. And I am not ashamed to say, she is the one who found the fabrics we ultimately used.

When I told my sweetie that I needed sketches of bustled dresses with intricate brocade fabric designs, his poor face went pale. It was all I could do to coax him back out of the closet again. (Just kidding) The task did take several tries, and he eventually said that getting the brocade design on the sketches was on me. Okay….so it’s a bit cheesy, but you can see the look I wanted to get.



 After a year of White and Ivory dresses, a bright period ensemble was just the thing to lift my spirits. I gave the base dress a slight train and bustling of it’s own. That way it would look good by itself, and provide some lift for the over skirt.

DSCN1447 DSCN1448 DSCN1449

The over skirt was quite heavy, so I built a small waist cincher at the top to support it. The style is called a Butterfly Bustle, very trendy for gals in the 1870’s.

DSCN1453 DSCN1452

 It wasn’t going to be possible to match ready made frogs to the brocade, so I pulled out my trusty knot book and got to work.


DSCN1454 DSCN1456

DSCN1475 DSCN1474

Of course, Luisa ROCKED IT!!!!

The radiant Luisa. Actress, singer, and belly dancer extraordinaire!

Ceremony 1

Lusia at Altar



Luisa Merry go round 1

Luisa 1

Big THANKS to Babette Daniells Photography.

Marrisa’s Vintage Style Lace Dress

I won’t copy another designer’s work, I think it is wrong. If a designer no longer carries the design and a bride isn’t able to find it anywhere, or it is unknown who the designer is, or if it is a vintage piece, I’ll make the exception. Marrisa fell in love with a dress she saw, but sadly is was vintage and therefore, not available in any stores.


She sent me all the pictures she could find and asked if it could be duplicated. Hmmm……Did I duplicate it? I’ll leave that up to you.






This design is now available in my shop.

“Lannette made a custom version of a vintage wedding gown that I fell in love with in pictures, but of course couldn’t find anywhere. I couldn’t possibly be happier. Lannette patiently spent quite a long time before I even ordered to help me pick the right fabrics, she communicated with me throughout the process, and the dress I just received is amazing. It’s even better than the pictures, because she suggested some design improvements that I love. It also fits like a glove. Thank you, Lannette!” ~ Marrisa