LisaPost1Lisa came to me and said she wanted a casual/dressy look for her dress. She special requested that it be made of eyelet cotton and silk organza. This is what we came up with…… LisaPost LisaPost2 LisaPost4“Beautiful work, amazing attention to detail, creative and great to work with… Lannette was a fantastic partner in this process. Everyone ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over all the beautiful details and the original unique design when I finally showed all my GF’s who were dying with anticipation. This gorgeous creation on my special day was all anyone could talk about. The process of measuring and fitting wound up being quite precise and the gown only required one tiny easy adjustment upon delivery. This is AMAZING for someone who has never even met me, yet managed to make me a bridal gown that fulfilled all my dreams! Also, the hand beading on the dress is just perfect, skilled and wonderfully applied. She went out of her way to source vintage buttons for the dress as an additional thoughtful touch, which certainly complemented the dress’ vintage feel and was the perfect finishing touch. If you’re thinking of having her make you a special dress, I highly recommend her!! She’ll do a great job, even if you’re far away like me!!” ~ Lisa LisaPost5


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