Amanda’s French Ball Gown

My client found a dress that she really liked, but it needed a few adjustments……..


This is the dress at the time it was purchased.

Amanda really wanted it to have more bustles and a fuller skirt, like a French Ball Gown. So she sent it for  alterations.  It did not go well…..This is what it looked like by the time I got it. Yeah, it needs some work….


47 roses, 14 yards of silk and 3 revisions later….




image 4


“Lannette took what a previous seamstress had ruined (previously purchased dress that I wanted to make changes to) and made it more than I had ever hoped for. She was able to see my vision when I couldn’t even fully describe or fully understand what I wanted. The end result was incredible and something drooled over by many brides. I am so thankful to Lannette for her willingness to go above and beyond and all at a reasonable price. And she was so patient with me to boot! I cannot say enough good things about her work and her professionalism. I look forward to finding an excuse to have her make another dress for me, this time from beginning to end .” ~ Amanda


In the end the finished dress(with petticoat) weighed 20 lbs!

Big THANKS!!! to Sison Photography for the use of their beautiful images.


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