Lawanda’s Blush Bolero

There is a huge trend right now of wedding gowns with unfinished organza ruffles or layers. Like so….
This one happens to be from Vera Wang’s White Collection at David’s Bridal.

VW front and back

   In the meantime, Lawanda asked that I make a fascinator and veil as well. So I started on those first.


I wanted the bolero to have many of the same qualities that the gown did without it looking like some strange bird. This is what I settled on. 



 “I got my bolero, veil and fascinator today…I am in love…I cried when I saw it..I can’t believe you took so much time and made it just like my dress..everything is so awesome!!! Thank you so much for everything! I will send you pictures of the big day!!!” ~ Lawonda

A few days Later I got this – “Just so you know…I went to Davids bridal on yesterday for final dress fitting and everybody was floored by your bolero…they loved it…they were like OMG she made this…all the seamstress’ admired your work and took their hats off to you! They studied the detailing of the work and commented about how you sewed this part by hand and this part on the bias and so on and so forth.. You are truly gifted and talented. May God continue to bless you…I am still singing your praises.”

Yes….I blushed when I read it.

Lawanda’s Big Day



This design is now available in my shop.


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