Marrisa’s Vintage Style Lace Dress

I won’t copy another designer’s work, I think it is wrong. If a designer no longer carries the design and a bride isn’t able to find it anywhere, or it is unknown who the designer is, or if it is a vintage piece, I’ll make the exception. Marrisa fell in love with a dress she saw, but sadly is was vintage and therefore, not available in any stores.


She sent me all the pictures she could find and asked if it could be duplicated. Hmmm……Did I duplicate it? I’ll leave that up to you.






This design is now available in my shop.

“Lannette made a custom version of a vintage wedding gown that I fell in love with in pictures, but of course couldn’t find anywhere. I couldn’t possibly be happier. Lannette patiently spent quite a long time before I even ordered to help me pick the right fabrics, she communicated with me throughout the process, and the dress I just received is amazing. It’s even better than the pictures, because she suggested some design improvements that I love. It also fits like a glove. Thank you, Lannette!” ~ Marrisa


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