Where Are You Located?


This isn’t the view from my kitchen window, but it is the view just outside of town. It is pretty much the same view to the North, South, East and West. The closest city/town is 2 hours away. It’s 2 hours from Phoenix, AZ, 2 hours from Yuma, AZ, 2 hours to Lake Havasu, AZ, and 2 hours from Palm Springs, CA. Yes, I live in the middle of nowhere! We are still considered part of Southern California, but this is definitely not Orange County. On the up side, we have sand, lots of sand! We also get gorgeous sunsets and the most beautiful night skies you’ve ever seen. We have the Colorado River, just minutes away, and a perfect way to cool down in the summer time.

It’s a tiny town on the California/Arizona border called Blythe. When I say tiny, I mean we have one grocery store, a K-mart and a handful of Mom ‘N’ Pop type shops. For any kind of major shopping you have to pick a direction and drive for 2 hours. Or, you get on the internet and hope for free shipping!

The challenge of living in such a remote location is what got me started in designing and sewing. If  I wanted a new outfit, I had to wait til the next shopping trip or make it myself. As difficult as it has been for me to buy clothes off the rack that fit right, sewing was always the better option. My unique fashions attracted others with either hard to fit figures or those in need of a special occasion outfit. With a limited customer base to make a living with, I chose to start an online business. My little shop is on Etsy.com, but I work out of my home.

My first bride from out-of-town was a good friend of mine. Fittings were obviously going to be a problem so, we made a duct tape dress form of her. I was concerned that the form would shift or lose shape like others had experienced so, I took detailed measurements as well. As I worked, I found that the measurements were all I really needed. Every time I needed to check the fit, it was spot on. The dress fit really well on her first real fitting. There were some areas for improvement, and they helped me perfect my process. Now I am able to make dresses for brides around the world without ever having met them. Their dresses fit perfect right out of the box. On occasion, I have had different ones tell me that they wanted a shoulder strap tighter or some other small adjustment for personal taste.

So while it may not be feasible for us to meet in person, I am confident I can make you a dress you’ll love. Or you can come and see me, it’s a lovely drive with a great view (see the above picture for example).


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