I understand having a vision for an outfit and not being able to find it in stores. I’m a firm believer that your clothing can make you feel more confident and beautiful if it fits properly and reflects your personality. Me…I’m an eclectic girl. I equally love designs from the 1920’s as much as the 1960’s, the 1880’s or the 2020’s. I could be just as happy at a Steampunk convention or at ComicCon as I would be at NY Fashion Week. It’s this quality that makes identifying with many of my brides possible. While I do have designs of my own, I specialize in bringing your ideas into reality. I have years of experience creating wedding gowns, formal gowns, accessories, and more. When I’m approached by a bride, my entire goal is to be sure that she gets her dream dress, not mine. Along the way I do my best to listen attentively and make suggestions that will compliment her body shape and tastes. Ultimately, she gets the final say, because if our roles were reversed…that’s what I’d want. Let me make a wedding gown that is as unique as you are. I do offer designer inspired or custom creations. I will not duplicate other designers work, it’s just rude.



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