The Delightful Danielle

Almost as soon as I had made my Ava design available, Danielle contacted me and just had to have it. She did want to lose the cowl neckline and go for more of a sweetheart. Which was not a problem, all that fabric across the front is not for everyone. So, I went back to the drawing board and presented this…. Danielle02

It was just the dreamy and romantic look that she’d been wanting, and as a plus the ladies of the family were now on board too. Just one hitch…..the venue had changed from garden to more of a ballroom….and we had to lose the flowers. The train also needed some adjustments. She wanted it to be shorter, and rounder. First things first, the flowers. I suggested that we up the sparkle by adding more rhinestone w12ork in place of the flowers.


For the train, I felt that a shape more like this, would fit what Danielle was looking for and keep with the feel of the rest of the dress.


With all the changes we’d now made, it wasn’t really the same gown, so it needed a new name.


Slinky, slightly sultry, and full of pizzazz…..sounds like Veronica Lake.


As we worked, Danielle mentioned that she’d really like something to wear other than a veil, and that the lace pieces going on the dress would work, they just needed a little something extra. I went ahead and beaded a couple of extra pieces and added some Chantilly lace to finish them off.

I’ll let you enjoy her wedding pictures now…..


Okay….tomorrow. There’s just too many gorgeous shots to choose from!


Corey’s Slinky Number

As you may have noticed by now, I love vintage fashions. Can’t get enough of them. It was time to design a gown in the style of the 1930’s. Hollywood at it’s most glamorous. I came up with this….


I named it Ava. After the beautiful Ava Gardener.

Now I have had one person say that the tiny flowers ruin it, that it’s childish. I prefer whimsical, like Claire Pettibone’s work. Still….because it’s not for everyone, I did redesign it with more beading and crystals, and no flowers. With the redesign, it was given a new name…..Veronica, after Veronica Lake, but I’ll post that in a while.

Corey fell in love with the design right away and asked that I build one for her. My reply…..”With pleasure!”

Rich crepe back satin, slides on a bias cut over every curve. Hand dyed lace is richly beaded with Swarovski crystals and hand sculpted flowers.





She wanted a veil that went with it, so I worked one up for her.



veil comb

“Working with Design by Lannette has been a dream come true in creating my wedding gown. I now have my one in a life time memories in a one in a lifetime gown. My wedding day was flooded by compliments on an amazing gown by friends, family and photographer. My guests were astounded by how my gown was so beautifully and artfully crafted. My gown is timeless, and thanks to Lannette for her hard work and skillfull design, I have a gown that will be revered forever.” ~ Corey

Meanwhile, this dress is available in my shop.

Thank you to Pete Erickson Photography for the lovely wedding pictures!